Invest for Profit. Invest for Community. Invest in DRA Plaza.

We have 30 open investor positions for the exceptional opportunity to be a part of the DRA Plaza that is part of South Side Merced County’s revitalization.

The Perfect Investment for Your Portfolio

The DRA Plaza is a 6,000 square foot commercial retail place located in the fast growing South Side of Merced. What makes this an incredible investment opportunity is the fact that it is in the heart of the South Side’s flourishing community.

Located around the plaza are an abundance of residential family homes, apartments, offices, a local elementary school, a community park with pool, and even the National Guard! With such a strong community surrounding the development, DRA Plaza has the potential to be a strong hub of retail business in the South Side neighborhood!

A Strong Return on Investment

Headed by successful entrepreneurs and real estate invests, DRA Development LLC is dedicated to making sure that the plaza is a strong addition to the portfolio of all 30 investors. Whether you are a first-time or experienced real estate investor, Rose Vitale will consult with you to make sure the investment is right for you.

With experience in marketing and customer service that is sure to drive tenants in the plaza, the team have a plan to have businesses from the surrounding area flocking to get a space.

The DRA Plaza promises a healthy return on investment, as the multitude of retail spaces ranging from food providers to barber shops to shipping stores means that there will be a high demand for businesses to lease space.

The growing population and high sense of community in the surrounding area are certain to drive local businesses to open new locations within the plaza. Each new lease is another step in the right direction for your investment portfolio.

More Than Simply a Plaza

What truly makes the DRA Plaza unique is the amazing possibilities it brings to the South Side residents. More jobs, more money into the local economy and something that the community can call its own.

It’s this idea of revitalizing the underserved community that should truly attract you as an investor. Not only do you get to add a secure investment to your portfolio, but you are able to invest in hope, opportunity and creating a new legacy in South Side.

Don’t let this remarkable investment opportunity pass you by.

As the most sought-after commercial investment in Merced County, the 30 investor spaces will be taken quickly.

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